Ok. That’s funny. I don’t even know what home is anymore. Or at least, I know that I call more than one place home. I mean, I’m from Dominican Republic (so that’s home). But my parents live in Miami (that’s home too!). AND I go to school in North Carolina (Yeap, Chapel Hill is also home!). To make it more complicated… I’m currently living in South Korea, so this is home now too, right?

If I really think about it, I guess this could be my our cyberhome. Well, anyways. Welcome!


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First 2-weeks recap

Small disclaimer before starting my post: Sorry in advance for the utter awkwardness that will ensue below. It will get better, I suppose, as I get used to doing this.
Now that I got that off my chest, let’s begin retelling my past 2 weeks (quite literally, two weeks today) in South Korea.

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